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fauthesis 1.0

A LaTeX2ε Document Class for Dissertations and Theses

This is the home page of the fauthesis.cls class file. This file is designed to allow students at Florida Atlantic University to create dissertations and theses using the LaTeX document preparation system that comply with the University's Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. Its was written by Chris Beetle (cbeetle AT physics DOT fau DOT edu), of the Department of Physics.

Important Note

Version 1.0 of the class file has been revised in close collaboration with the Graduate College, but is still awaiting final approval. I'll post an additional update here, or remove this comment, when I receive word from the Graduate College. I will aim to do this no later than November 1, 2014. Until then, please use this new version as it incorporates all of the major revisions in the University's Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines.

Disclaimers and Related Stuff

Please note that this class file does not supplant the University's manuscript guidelines. While the Graduate College has reviewed the output it generates, and found it generally acceptable, they do not support or maintain it. Using this class file makes it more likely, but does not guarantee, that your thesis format will be approved by the Graduate College. Students should read and understand the manuscript guidelines so that any problems can be identified as early as possible.

It would also be a good idea to examine the Graduate College's procedures and deadlines for submission of theses well before your intended graduation date.

The class file is an independent effort on the part of its author, and will be supported by him in the immediate future. Students who find bugs or other problems should contact the author directly, not the Graduate College, with their questions. I (have grown weary of the third person and) will make every effort to work with individual students to resolve issues promptly while moving the class file out of beta status and into a suitable state for final release. However, please note that the class file is provided as-is, and with no guarantee that it will produce output acceptable to the Graduate College.


The following five files are available.

User's Guide
The User's Guide offers detailed instructions for using all features of the document class. I know, I know, you don't need no stinkin' manuals. Until you do.
[ fautug.pdf output | fautug.tex source ]
Sample Thesis File
The sample thesis offers a complete, working source file using the fauthesis document class. It should compile immediately when placed in the same directory as the fauthesis.cls file. A quick look at this file should make it clear to 90% of students how to set up their thesis. But bear in mind that the sample file merely illustrates a "plain vanilla" case. If you don't have a Department Chair, but instead have a Director, or if you have a Co-Advisor on your thesis committee, then I'm afraid you may have to crack open the manual. Sorry.
[ fausample.pdf output | fausample.tex source ]
Source Code
The class file contains all of the code needed to create documents using this document class. [ fauthesis.cls source ]

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